Mermaid GeoPipe

by Stonedware

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Stonedware GeoPipes offer a luxury smoking experience. A combination of high-end modern design and detailed craftsmanship make each GeoPipe one of a kind. Each piece is individually sculpted and hand painted.. The GeoPipe not only feels great in your hand but also looks chic in your home. 

The Mermaid GeoPipe is coated with an opalescent glaze that's shiny and iridescent. A truly delightful visual piece that changes with every angle. 

Available in 3 sizes. Each GeoPipe has a combination of glazed and unglazed faceted sides. Interiors and bowls are glazed for easy cleaning. 

All pipes are hand painted, some variation will occur and items may vary slightly from photo.

Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product will not be sold to minors.