Leaff Starter Set

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$82.00 CAD

Bring beauty to your ritual with our essential accessories. The set contains everything you need to set your intentions and elevate your mind:

  • Natural gemstone pipe in Tourmaline Quartz. Qualities include protection from negative thoughts and emotions
  • Facet four-piece aluminum grinder
  • 3 pack of natural hemp rolling papers

Save 15% when purchasing as a set.

Natural Gemstone Pipe:
Each pipe comes packaged in a gift box with two additional brass pipe screens/filters.
Please note: each pipe is unique and may differ from the image shown.

Facet Grinder:
Four-piece 63mm aluminum grinder
Includes 2 x pollen scrapers
Anodized aluminum for durability
Sharp diamond cutting blades for an efficient grind
Powerful magnetic top closure
Smooth frictionless grind
Removable kief filter
Engraved Leaff logo

Rolling Papers:
40 papers per pack
1 1/4 size papers
100% unbleached natural hemp fibre
100% natural arabic gum seal

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