Ceramic One-Hitter

by Fumée Galante


Simple Chillum Pipe

A “chillum” or “one-hitter” is usually used for one person/hit/puff at a time. Simply insert a small piece of your favourite dried flower, light it up and inhale the smooth smoke. Perfect for bath time. The Femme Fatale is very discreet and can easily be slipped in your purse. Comes with a protective hemp pouch and pairs beautifully with the Fumée Galante Ashtray.

Dimensions: 9cm length x 1cm diameter

To clean

  • After each use, soak for 10 minutes in a cup of cold water with a splash of white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Wipe clean.
  • Insert a tooth pic in both ends to clear the pipe of excess buildup.