Leaff Pipe & Grinder Gift Box

by Leaff


Crystal Pipe Gift Box

Bring beauty to your ritual with our Leaff Gift Box. Includes your choice of Crystal Pipe: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian or Howlite, and our Signature Leaff Grinder. Elegantly gift boxed for the perfect surprise. 

Rose Quartz: Love, Forgiveness, Compassion
Howlite: Calm, Communication, Wisdom
Obsidian: Self Reflection, Protection, Growth
Quartz: Clarity, Manifestation, Focus


  • 1 x Four-piece 2.2" aluminum herb grinder. Packaged with a protective pouch and pollen scraper
  • 1 x Crystal pipe gift packaged with two additional brass pipe screens/filters.
Please note: each pipe is unique and may differ from the image shown.