Crystal modern cannabis accessories.Crystal smoking pipes made of Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Howlite and Obsidian.

Crystal Pipe

$49.00 CAD
White ceramic bong by Summerland.Natural ceramic bong by Summerland.

Chongo Bong

From $265.00 CAD
Wood cannabis pipe in a matchbox with pipe cleaning kit.Wood smoking pipe hard carved in a wave shape.

Wave Pipe

$45.00 CAD
Small pink ceramic bong with white flowers.Ceramic bong cannabis accessories for women.
Sold out

Rachel Bong

$149.00 CAD
White ceramic bong by Summerland.Matte black pleasure point Summerland ceramics bong.
Sold out

Pleasure Point Bong

From $225.00 CAD
Monica vase bong with pink flowers.Cannabis accessory vase bong.
Sold out

Monica Bong

$149.00 CAD
A yellow bong vase with white flowersA bong made with a vase.
Sold out

Phoebe Vase

$75.00 CAD $149.00 CAD
Cannabis Bong in Ivory with RoseIvory Ceramic Cannabis Bong with Rose
Sold out

Rose Bong

$169.00 CAD
Bong with sand textured body and red cannabis bowl.Sand coloured bong with black pattern.
Sold out

Coyōté Bong

$179.00 CAD

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