Woman putting bottle of natural smoke eliminator in her pocket.Travel sized bottle of weed smoke eliminator.
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Room Spray

$8.00 CAD $12.00 CAD
18k gold plated Sterling Silver cannabis leaf jewelry.Pair of gold pot leaf earrings with cubic zirconia jewels.
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Gold Cannabis Studs

$8.00 CAD $19.00 CAD
Black tote bag withSuccessful Stoner writing hanging on a coat hook.Cotton canvas tote bag with Successful Stoner writing on it.
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Successful Stoner Tote

$15.00 CAD $32.00 CAD
Woman holding cannabis cooking accessories.Cannabis leaf print tea towel.
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Flora Tea Towel

$8.00 CAD $18.00 CAD
Cannabis edibles silicone mold and dropper.Clear silicone gummy bear mold with dropper.
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Yummy Gummy Mold

$5.00 CAD $12.00 CAD
Bubble CandlesNatural soy bubble shared candles in white, peach and mint green.
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Bubble Candles

$15.00 CAD $38.00 CAD
Hemp Massage CandleMassage candle with hemp oil.
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Hemp Massage Candle

$9.00 CAD $22.00 CAD

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