Vegan Rogue Paq

by Rogue Paq

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Rogue Paq Vegan Ritual Case: Pebbled Texture

Modern, functional, and discreet, Rogue Paq Vegan Ritual Case, created entirely from vegan materials, is the perfect option for those who care as much about their personal aesthetic as they do about making sustainable ecological choices.

  • Scent suppression throughout for discretion
  • Exterior: Premium pebbled vegan leather with slight top sheen
  • Interior: Ultra soft vegan suede with supple hand-feel
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Strong internal elastics hold tools/tips/cartridges/pens
  • A removable internal pouch. Perfect for the Hanu Stone, PAX, Firefly, or similar-­sized vaporizer along with a charger and 50mm 4-piece dry herb grinder. Note: does not fit the Leaff 4-piece grinder
  • Water-resistant lining inside pockets for easy maintenance