The Ultimate Women and Weed Gift Guide

  • by Laura Falconer
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5 Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Cannabis

With legalization upon us in Canada there's a new freedom to explore cannabis, or openly admit that you've been a fan for a while. There are also a number of female-founded brands delivering high-end, stylish accessories that are perfect to gift.

Whether it's for holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers or just a unique gift for that special someone - we've rounded up our favourite gifts for the cannabis lover in your life.

1. Leaff Gemstone Pipe & Grinder Gift Set: $79

Cannabis Gift Set Grinder & Gemstone Pipe

The signature Leaff gift box embodies Leaff's core values of quality, elegance and simplicity. The set contains an aluminum herb grinder in matte white and your choice of natural crystal gemstone pipe. Beautifully packaged and ready to gift. @leaffshop


 2. Wandering Bud Ceramic Chillums, Rolling Trays & Ashtrays: $45 - $65 

Wandering Bud Ceramic Pipe Chillum Rolling Tray Ashtray

Wandering Bud (@wanderingbud) offers a beautiful collection of one of a kind, handmade ceramic-wares. From gorgeous one-hitter pipes to ashtrays and rolling trays. Finished in a variety of glazes with luxe gold accents.

3. Laundry Day Hudson & Charlotte Glass Pipes: $58 - $80 

Laundry Day Hudson Charlotte Glass Pipe

Tofino brand Laundry Day ( has you covered for glass pipes that will take pride of place in your home. The Hudson pipe offers a disc-shaped transparent chamber for smoke to billow and cool through. The Charlotte pipe is an easy, on the go, one-hitter or it can be packed more deeply to share.

4. Fashionably High Ashtrays, Storage & High Tea Sets: $35 - $65

Fashionably High Tea Cup Storage Stash Ashtray

Vancouver brand Fashionably High ( offers luxurious and feminine accessories to stash, sip and savour. Their high tea cup sets feature a hand-dipped marble effect and gold cannabis leaf accents. Their stashtray sets include a beautiful air-tight storage jar and dainty palm-sized ashtray. Decadent gold motifs and mandalas abound. 

5. High Society Collection Jewellery and Joint Clips: $29 - $145

High Society Collection Cannabis Jewellery Joint Clip

Give the gift of 1920s Art Deco glamour. High Society Collection (@highsocietycollection) offers a range of beautiful jewellery that doubles as luxurious smoking accessories. Their joint clip keychain is the perfect mix of fun, function and discretion.

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  • These gifts are most magnificent! I’d consider myself extra lucky if I received any 🖤

    AliceInWonderdab on

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