5 Must-Have Accessories to Elevate Your Home

  • by Milan Lee

In these trying times, staying at home for longer periods of time seems quite inevitable. Even though your home decor may begin to feel lacklustre, it doesn’t have to! Here at Leaff, we offer exclusive accessories enjoyable for all weed lovers. Elevate your stay-at-home experience and unwind with these 5 unique must-haves:

Kannai natural hemp oil massage candles with essential oils.

Hemp Massage Candles

Relax your senses with a Kannai hemp massage candle. Whether you want to calm your muscles after a long workout or simply treat yourself, this massage candle made with highly moisturizing hemp oil can sooth your skin and alleviate stress from the day. Available in 3 beautiful scents: Lavender & Chamomile, Orange & Gojiberry, Green Tea & Lemongrass.


Woman practicing yoga on a weed leaf pattern yoga mat.

Photo: @sitarabird

Flora Yoga Mat

Leaff’s Flora Yoga Mat, designed in collaboration with Supported Soul, features our beautiful ‘Flora’ print made with eco-friendly ink. Not only is this high-quality mat biodegradable, its durable material can support you through any workout, whether that’s hot yoga, vinyasa, pilates, or barre.


Veil room spray for eliminating smoke from weed smoking.

Odour Elimination Spray

Odour elimination spray is almost always a go-to for weed lovers. Veil’s room spray is designed to eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke. It is made with organic essential oils, leaving behind a beautifully mixed fragrance with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar.


Weed edibles gummy bear mold.

Yummy Gummy Mold

As we spend more time at home, nothing beats the joy of making your own edibles.

The Yummy Gummy Mold is a fun addition for your kitchenware. The included dropper and professional food grade silicone allows you to make the perfect gummies with ease.


Cannabis leaf oven mitt and grinder.

Flora Oven Mitt

If you’re cooking with cannabis in the kitchen, you’ll love the Flora Oven Mitt. Defend your fingers with a burst of colour and a subtle nod to your favourite plant.



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