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Behind the Brand: Rogue Paq

Leather travel case with Pax cannabis vape and pipes.

Jessica Cadmus is a woman after our own heart. For part four of our Behind the Brand blog series we caught up with the Designer and Founder of Rogue Paq.

Jessica Cadmus Founder of Rogue Paq vape travel cases.The Rogue Paq Ritual Case is an exercise in form and function. Offering a modern and luxurious way to organize and carry your cannabis accessories. Jessica has leveraged her background as a stylist and designer to create beautiful solutions that will mesh effortlessly with your style.

Read on to learn more about Jessica and her goal to help you "Raise Your Ritual". 

What inspired you to start your company? Tell us a little bit about your products and brand.

Rogue Paq is a marriage between two loves - fashion styling and design. I've been a stylist in NY for 12 years ( and in the course of my work have encountered many of my highly cultivated clients using less than chic ways to organize and travel with their ritual. Obviously I could not allow this to stand. After extensive research trying to identify a refined solution that would be suitable for both men and women I decided to design something myself. My intention was to create something functional, scent-suppressant, portable, chic, and discreet. This is how Rogue Paq was born.

What do you love about your job?

I love many aspects of my job but my most favourite tasks are those that touch design in some way. Being creative and making lovely things moves and inspires me. I also love the customer service aspect of the job - listening to our users and responding as thoughtfully as possible. I would be remiss if I didn't include a special love for mixing with the cannabis community - especially the makers behind the scenes. I've never met a more open and supportive group. Everyone is always finding ways to push each other forward. In particular, I've joined a pod of women makers which began as a way to beat the Instagram algorithm but has turned into a bona fide support system of which I'm extremely grateful to be a part.

What are some of the challenges you face working in the cannabis industry?

There are operational challenges working in the cannabis industry such as finding payment providers and web hosts and banks who will support cannabis products but, more broadly, the challenges revolve around stigma. It's very difficult for a market to mature when federal legislation is not supportive. Without legislation, education is more difficult to disseminate and so the stigma remains present in many areas.

What’s your cannabis ritual?

Ritual is near and dear to my heart. The Rogue Paq tagline is "Raise Your Ritual". By this I mean being mindful and purposeful when approaching ritual. Personally I aim to be in an environment where I am comfortable and inspired - like my home, or in nature, and/or with friends. Critical to my enjoyment is using beautiful tools and accoutrements to go through the loving process of rolling my own. Typically I do a fine grind in my Cali Crusher grinder and add to Devambez rolling papers. I always use glass tips as I can wash and reuse them. My hemostats are essential to this process as they not only help pack a perfect jay but I love using them to hold my finished product as well. They are indispensable because they protect my fingers from burns and also keep my hands odor-free.

Which other brands (cannabis or not) do you love and admire?

Oh boy - this is a loaded question for a fashion stylist. I love the glamour and over the top luxury of Tom Ford. I love the heritage and classic design and quality of Bottega Veneta. I love the uncompromising, exquisitely detailed craftsmanship and tailoring of Alexander McQueen as well as the brand's ability to marry street style and high fashion always in a surprising way. And I love DvF for its incredibly long relevance as a brand as well as its amazing, well-priced, attainable-luxury items which solve the problems of working women everywhere.

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