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Meet Carly-Rae Cooke
Founder of Ordinarily Honest

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In part six of our Behind the Brand blog series we caught up with Carly-Rae Cooke. Carly-Rae is a 200hr registered yoga teacher based in Vancouver, BC. She founded Ordinarily Honest to offer a refreshing and down-to-earth approach to yoga; steering away from spirituality and keeping the focus on movement and breath. Her Ease In & Align classes are cannabis friendly and offer the perfect space to relax and decompress. They also feature carefully crafted playlists to enhance the experience.

Check out her class schedule (classes regularly include cannabis brand pop-ups and samples) and learn more about the inspiration behind Ordinarily Honest.  

What inspired you to start your company? Tell us a little bit about your offering and brand.

When I initially started Ordinarily Honest, I was searching for something that brought me joy, while also allowing me to decompress and disconnect from the busy-ness of life. At the time I was burning the candle at both ends, not taking any time for myself and quickly sliding into a not so healthy state, physically and mentally. I felt so much pressure to work harder and faster — all I wanted was a space to feel like it was ok to go slow and just chill. I was certified to teach yoga but honestly, didn’t dig it. I always felt out of place and couldn’t manage to turn off my brain enough to even be present. At the time, I was also really struggling to sleep, a friend mentioned I should try smoking a Iittle weed — me being me, and terrified to try any drugs, had only smoked once, but I was open to any and all options. That night was the first night I was able to turn my brain off and catch some zzz’s in what felt like ages. 

And that was that, Ease In & Align was born. A low intimidation, low expectation yoga class. We move slow, breath deep and tune into what ever our bodies are needing. First we blaze, then we bend and elevating is always optional. Playlists are a big part of the class, with a new one released for every class, I find beats mimicking the in and outs of our breath. We bring brands in to educate on the use of cannabis and allow guests to give their products a try. We focus on deep breaths, deep stretches and dope beats.

What do you love about your job?

Brene Brown said it best - “it takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol”. My goal is to create a space for people to chill, to come as they are and leave their worries at the door - that is what I love. Seeing people come back to life after the class, with calm minds, relaxed bodies and lighten spirits is the most wonderful thing.

What are some of the challenges you face working in the cannabis industry?

At least once a week people tell me I don’t seem like a yoga teacher, then I tell them that I teach cannabis yoga and their world is shook! The second people hear cannabis yoga, they assume that we are just a bunch of stoners laughing away while attempting to stretch. It’s been tough to get people to understand that the use of cannabis is to enhance the stretch, it helps to feel a little deeper, turn the brain off and really be in the moment - we’re getting there though! Every person that comes through the door, tells a pal, reposts a post, and helps to spread the word is helping to break down the barrier.

Carly Rae Cooke founder of Ease In & Align high yoga classes in Vancouver.

What’s your cannabis ritual?

I’m a sleepy time smoker. I love getting a heavy indica, finishing up my day, rolling a J and taking my time smoking it. It’s almost meditative or me. Grinding the flower, rolling the joint, and lighting up - it’s the perfect wind down ritual. On days where my anxiety is getting the best of me, but I don’t have time to actually take a break, I’ll go right to my FeelCBD calm pen -  this is a big one for me. It takes my heart rate down, settles my anxiety and chills me out just enough to move forward without the crippling anxious feels.

Which other brands (cannabis or not) do you love and admire?

FeelCBD - for all your CBD needs plus they’re just lovely humans!
Leaff - for the best lifestyle canna essentials. 
Hobo Cannabis - they’ve got it all y’all.
Ode Apparel - They’re all about feeling the feels and being ok with not being ok. #everybodycries

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