10 Must-Have Cannabis Accessories

This list of top 10  must-have cannabis accessories is curated for you. The successful stoner who appreciates high-quality designs. Each accessory is a work of art and architecture, combining purpose with aesthetics. Designed and built to inspire your session. They’re not dust collectors, use them every day. Perfect for pairing with your home decor, or placing comfortably where you’d like. Each piece effortlessly vibes with you. 

Cannabis smoking pipes in natural gemstone quartz.

1. Natural Gemstone Pipe - $35.00

From Mother Earth herself, Crystal Pipes are the epitome of designer cannabis accessories. Crystals are known for their deeply-rooted energetic properties. Each crystal pipe is crafted with this in mind and is designed to showcase their natural qualities. 

Choose a crystal pipe for its properties. Or go with the first one that caught your eye. Howlite, with its prominent eggshell white and grey striations, is associated with calmness, communication, and wisdom. Rose quartz fosters self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness. Obsidian is a top contender for its healing properties. It is associated with self-reflection, protection, and growth. Topping it off is Tourmaline Quartz. Known to balance Yin/Yang and offer strong protective qualities.

Crystal pipes sit comfortably in your hand and offer a smooth, cool smoke. Display it as decor, or pocket it after use- the crystal will emit energy wherever it is. Your pipe will take on characteristics from your favourite herb and change colour from the resin. This will truly make your crystal pipe yours.

Follow our advice for How to Clean Your Pipe to get the best from your cannabis and enjoy your pipe for years to come. 

Safe and lockable storage for cannabis edibles.

2. Lockable Storage Box - $95.00

Introducing Ally to 2021. Get ready for sleek and discrete. Created by Lisa Weir and Dalia Shankman, you can easily set the 3-digit code and keep off-limit products away from snooping pets and wandering hands. Made from food-grade materials that lock in the freshness of your cannabis and cannabis infusions. It’s meant to be used in as many ways as possible. Giving it the gold medal for its versatility.

Lock away your jewellery, cash, expensive serums, passports… the possibilities are endless! 

With that in mind, these boxes are food-safe. Easily store your gummies, homemade edibles, balms, and tinctures. Ally keeps everything locked neatly away. Whether your favourite flower is for an exercise boost, or for your post-workout pain relief, enjoy your remedies fresh for your rituals.

Latitude Lighter by Tsubota Pearl

3. Latitude Lighter - $56.00

The Latitude Lighter by Tsubota Pearl is your favourite flower’s new best friend. This lighter gives you a tactile experience with every use. Its ribbed casing, smooth gliding flint wheel,  steady lid closure, and sleek flame make it hard to put down. Each lighter is made in Tokyo from start to finish. The shine of the internal gold mechanism is a nod to its craftsmanship. This lighter is one of the greatest additions to your cannabis accessory collection. It’s built for longevity with its refillable feature. This lighter will become part of your tradition. It’s worthy of lighting your top-grade flower.

Do you need a grinder for cannabis.

4. Facet Herb Grinder - $45.00

Get the perfect grind, every time. A good grinder is another cannabis accessory that should be essential to your collection. Get the best experience from your cannabis with the Facet Aluminum Herb Grinder. The grinder’s faceted finish is ergonomic with its geometric cuts. Giving you the grip so you won’t slip.  There’s weight behind it so you know it’s durable. It’s 63mm in diameter giving it all the power needed for an even grind. Its grind is a smooth touch on your favourite herb; creating a mound of fluffy goodness. Housed inside is a removable kief filter that catches the extra potent pollen. Its lower chamber ensures nothing is wasted. The Facet is a high-quality grind for your high-quality experience.

Smoke odour eliminator room spray.

5. Veil Room Spray - $12.00

Veil carefully crafted their odor-eliminating spray for the considerate cannabis consumer. It is a homage to Mother Nature. Made with organic essential oils giving it a fresh scent of herbal and earthy lightness. Take this spray anywhere. The 2oz travel-size bottle fits into your bag, pocket, or accessory kit. This spray breaks down scents at a molecular level. You’ll smell the fresh fragrance of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar. Take the high road and cover your tracks.

Wooden pipe for smoking cannabis.

6. Wooden Wave Pipe - $45.00

The Wooden Wave Pipe by Recreational Use is the epitome of highly designed modern smoke-ware. Abby and Drake Miller have perfected the design using all-natural cherry wood. The wave pipe is handmade in New York. Marrying the gothic architecture of New York’s skyscrapers with subtle hints of art deco. Giving you a striking art piece that fits in your hand.

Perfect for a table-top accessory and the high design individual. Wood holds heat more effectively and distributes it evenly. Allowing you to spend more time puffing and less time lighting. You’ll get an enhanced flavour profile in your smoke from the heated wood. Inhale nature, exhale naturally. From wood pipe to sultry herb. This is an au natural smoke.

Stamp of approval from Mother Nature.

Kitchen accessories with a weed leaf pattern.

7. Flora Oven Mitt & Tea Towel - From $18.00

Where your favourite flower meets homeware accessories. Leaff's 'Flora' pattern gives a subtle nod to your favourite plant, to brighten your kitchen and entertain your guests.

Your freshly baked goods are too hot to touch. Pad your hand from the heat with a Flora Oven Mitt. Take cooking with cannabis to a whole new level and shuttle hot things around in style.

Go ahead and wipe down the countertops or shine up your cannabis accessories. The Flora Tea Towel is 100% cotton and gentle with each use. Not only does it clean, but It also doubles as wall art. Making it truly fit into your sanctuary.

Natural rolling papers for cannabis.

8. Hemp Rolling Papers - $7.50

For a tastier sesh, wrap your herb in a natural blanket of hemp. Natural Hemp rolling papers by Leaff are simple and clean. Only the good stuff, none of the bad stuff. Made from 100% unbleached natural hemp fibre and topped off with 100% natural Arabic gum seals. Giving you the full-bodied taste of your herb and the full-body experience you deserve.  Fill them up to your liking. They’re smooth on the roll and smooth on the smoke. Compliment your cannabis accessory kit with 3-pack booklets in black, blue, and peach.

Simple designer cannabis bong.

9. Chongo Ceramic Bong - From $265.00

Meet Chongo, a premium bong hand-made in small batches in Northern California. Chongo Ceramic Bong by Summerland is the undefeated champion of sophisticated smoke-ware. Designed for the ritual of connection with nature. Only natural materials go into this masterpiece.  Just like your herb. Liam Kaczmar is the mastermind behind Summerland. Their bongs are designed using high-quality products for the natural pleasure they bring. The silicone grommet ensures clean hits and airtight carbs. Every time.

Carefully balancing good design with pure, unapologetic pleasure. There are no shortcuts in crafting this bong. Built for any season and pairs nicely with anyone’s vibe.

Air tight stash jar for weed.

10. Successful Stoner Stash Jar - $32.00

Keep your cannabis fresh with the Reusable Successful Stoner Stash Jar by Re:stash x Leaff. Its BPA free and made from eco-friendly materials. Sustainable and reusable in every way. Fitted with a removable FDA approved silicone sleeve. Your precious herbs are protected from harmful UV rays. Go ahead and pass the jar around. The silicone blankets from any accidents or drops. The lid is carefully crafted using flax fibre filled polypropylene. Reducing its carbon footprint. Increasing child-resistance. Built for durability and ecologically friendly.  Refill it and reuse it. The Re:stash jar is a timeless piece meant to be used for all occasions. Available in black or white. Pro tip: use the colours to differentiate your strains.

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